24 Indoor is a Netherlands-based company that manages and invests in indoor leisure centers in the European indoor leisure market since 2013.
24 Indoor’s mission and vision is to offer local and affordable fun and a day full of experiences to families in a safe and hygienic environment. 24 Indoor aims to realize this mission and vision through strategic growth of its holdings by investing in indoor leisure centers in the European market. To realize this growth, 24 Indoor aims to organically grow the networks of its existing brands, by developing the value of its existing brands and by selectively pursuing M&A opportunities.

24 Indoor has an experienced team that combines a solid track record of successful entrepreneurship and scale-up management in the leisure business with extensive market knowledge. 24 Indoor understands its target market and has deep and detailed knowledge of and experience with every aspect of the operations of its indoor leisure centers. Over the years, 24 Indoor has build up a broad network of partners and suppliers, including contracted freelance partners, with whom the team has worked since 2013 – years which have been crucial years of development in the European leisure industry. As such, 24 Indoor is well-equipped for successful future growth.